Thursday 26 Elul


2b last line Maisvei (Mosiv) Mar Zutro

Until 3a 2nd line Mechayvim

Connection point

Regarding today’s Gemmoroh, being that it is a delicate subject, we only learned what was vital for the understanding of the Gemmoroh. The students were told that for the most part these halochos do not apply today. We explained as follows: In the times of the Bais Hamikdosh  when a woman gives birth (to a girl) she is automatically tomei for 14 days. She then goes to the mikva and is automatically tohor for 66 days. From the 81st day she is like a regular person, could be tomei or tohor. (There are ways that she could become tomei during the 66 days but we are not going into it, we are only discussing what is relevant for today’s Gemmoroh).

We did not mention anything regarding dam.

We only learned some of the Rashi inside.


Shlach 13 22


Worksheet #11 questions 1-7

Punctuation Test tomorrow on worksheets 9-11

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