Tuesday 16 Iyor


Shmuel 2

Completed Perek 19

Dovid returns to Yerusholayim, Tziva and Mefivoshes split the property, Barzilay declines to move to Dovid;s palace, a quarrel between Yehuda and Yisroel who should accompany Dovid back Worksheet on the Perek

Tuesday 25 Nissan

Discussion about the Hayom Yom


Shmuel 2

Most of Perek 18

The battle between the followers of Dovid and those of Avsholom The death of Avsholom, and as explained in the Gemmoroh Sota

Monday 18 Ador 2

Hilchos Pesach

When the Motzvos (Assai and Los Saase) begin, 30 days before in the times of Bais Hamikdosh, Nowadays, why it is different, practical application.


Thursday 30 Ador 1


Why the Torah writes abou the keilim of the Mishkon and the garments of the Kohanim again at length in Vayakhekl and Pekudei (although they were already discussed when Hashem told Moishe about them in Truma and Tetzave

Monday 27 Ador 1

Hilchos Purim

Taanis Esther – Machatzis Hashekel – what and why, No Tachnun, Shabbos clothes for Maariv, addition in Maariv, Kiddush LEvono if not done yet.