Monday 20 Ador 1

Yiddish List

Yiddish Test Thursday

Hilchos Purim

Women hearing Parshas Zochor, the order of Zaicher Zecher, why we fast on Taanis Esther, why it is called by this name, if there is no Minyan that is fasting, if the Chazzan is not fasting.

Wednesday 8 Ador 1

Hilchos Tfillin

Maalin Bakodesh regarding switching Shel Rosh and Shel Yad, as well as Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam, if one forgot to put on Tfillin of Rabbeinu Tam, if one is left handed, if one is ambidextrous.

Reviewed the Yiddish words using QuizletYiddish Test tomorrow

Wednesday 24 Shvat

Hilchos Tfillin

The order of writing the Shel Yad of Rabbeinu Tam and why, if the Parshiyos are not in the correct order

Continued the Wednesday discussion regarding perhaps the biggest threat to Yiddishkeit today

Yiddish Test tomorrow

Wednesday 11 Teves

Hilchos Tfillin

Brocho on borrowed Tfillin, brocho on stolen Tfillin, 4 conditions to borrow Tfillin without permission, if the person does mind that you borrowed his tfillin

Questions 11-13


Reviewed for the Yiddish test using quizlet on the phones


Yiddish Test tomorrow

Tuesday 12 Kislev


Shmuel 2

Worksheet on Perek 5

Learned most of Perek 6

Dovid starts to bring the Oron back to Yerusholayim, Uzo dies, Dovid is scared to bring the Oron until he sees that it brings blessings and this time it is brought with the proper joy